My Company

I started life as a Precision Engineer, however in 1999, the company went the way of so many Engineering companies in North Devon and I found myself looking for alternative employment. I decided to work for myself but what? My engineering training has given me an eye for detail so I decided to put myself on a course for Car restoring and refinishing ran by the industry leaders, Auto Glym.

Having passed the course with flying colours I set up my own company. I am not a franchise so I don't have to charge what I am told to, or use  the cleaning products I'm told to. However,  as an approved user of Auto Glym products I have my choice of products and I have yet to find anything better! 

Belle Vue Valeting is built on providing fast, reliable service and using quality products is paramount in doing that. My diversified service range continues to grow by listening to the customer and following trends. For example the hours a lorry driver can work are limited, so in 2006 I passed my CE (HGV Class 1) licence so that I can shunt the lorries a round for them. Belle Vue Valeting's unique service has established it's place in this industry. This allows me to make a distinctive and substantial impact for my clients.